Audio Speed Changer Pro 1.2

Audio Speed Changer Pro enables you to speed up audio files without changing the pitch. It is primarily intended for accelerating audio books as well as podcasts, but can be surely used with any other sound track or file. Batch processing feature and convenient user interface make Audio Speed Changer Pro a valuable tool for book listeners and authors who want to save time.

With the help of this program you can tune the different tempo, pitch and even the playback rate for separate files in the list. You may use it also for transcoding audio - configurable output to MP3, OGG and AAC/MP4 file formats is supported. Converted audio will be available for speed-listening on your PC, Smartphone, iPod and any portable MP3 player.

Extra options include tag editing, downmixing to mono option, and the ability to normalize volume. Audio Speed Changer Pro supports drag-and-drop and can be integrated into the Windows Explorer shell for quick access to its major functions.
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48 votes Vote

Include an automated pitch option.

When i speed up playback, the pitch rises, so i must use the pitch slider control to lower the pitch in order to get close to the original voice sound. Why not include an "automatic pitch compensation" option, a certain fraction of tones per each...
Jack Reich, 02.10.2010, 08:22
1 comment
37 votes Vote

Include a simple help file that explains the options, especially useful for brand-new users, accessible FROM THE HELP option in the menu!.

Your PDF file doesn't even have a "How to Use" section! It's easy to include a small help file; explain the basic functions!
Humanist7, 02.10.2010, 09:08
32 votes Vote

enable the program to burn the music to a cd.

It would greatly assist music instruction, especially for accompaniment purposes and, also act as a back-up for all ones hard work.
judy, 02.10.2010, 07:54
19 votes Vote

Why not include some checkboxes along each slider bar at preset intervals?

When i move any of the slider bars, the increments are already pre-set: .5 semitone for pitch control up or down, 4% playback rate change up and 1% down, 2% tempo scaling up and 1% down. Why not put some check boxes along the scales at regular...
Jack Reich, 02.10.2010, 08:32
9 votes Vote

Include an automated pitch option.

Since the pitch changes with speed, why not include an "auto pitch compensation" option, to keep the voice sound close to the original easily!
Humanist7, 02.10.2010, 09:10
3 votes Vote

BPM scale would be better for musicians than just percentage

GAOTD #1 FAN, 02.10.2010, 16:11
3 votes Vote

Have checkboxes for pre-set change intervals under each slider bar!

This would allow for quick settings, especially once a user has found settings that are pleasing most of the time!
Humanist7, 02.10.2010, 09:12
2 votes Vote

add WMA also since most free library books use this

sandy, 02.10.2010, 11:19
1 vote Vote

Allow percentages to be entered by the keyboard as well as with the slider.

It would be helpful to be able to type in "50%" rather than just using a slider for that purpose.
Nebulous, 03.10.2010, 00:42
0 votes Vote

Increase the output options to include AIFF and Wave which are both 'Pro' formats.

TOM NICOL, 02.10.2010, 20:24
0 votes Vote

Add ability to increment/decrement in cents

This is more for the musicians amongst us, but sometimes recorded music is not on the exact pitch it should be. Being able to adjust */- by cents would allow finer (more accurate) pitch correction
Ed, 02.10.2010, 23:25
0 votes Vote

Add a guage that, in conjunction with a mic, would show pitch tuning - as in a guitar tuner. Indicate with 'LEDs' how flat/sharp a tone is and when true pitch is hit

This would be similar ro a physical guitar tuner. It could be used by vocalists to determine if they are on pitch
Ed, 02.10.2010, 23:30
0 votes Vote

Add another guage - or incorporate into the 'guitar tuner' idea - that indicates the key of the song

Again for musicians, it would be sweet to have some indication of what key the song is in. There is another app which attempts to pull chords from an audio song - something like that would be cool, but even displaying a dominant (read 'loudest')...
Ed, 02.10.2010, 23:34